Tummy Trimming Guide

7 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan

It's so much easier to stick to a meal plan when the meal prep steps are simple, recipes are easy to follow & a complete shopping list is provided. Here's to saving you time, money and stress.

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It doesn't have to be so hard

To lose weight.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what to eat in order to target belly fat?


What if you could eat delicious, healthy food (we're talking healthy, healthy - like vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and micronutrients)  and not feel like you're missing anything, be satisfied after every meal, and still lose weight? 

I’ve created a complete 7-day meal plan to help you prepare nutritious meals  while helping flatten your tummy, and get closer to your weight goals.

Your easy to follow guide is complete.

  • 21 recipes including breakfasts, smoothies, lunches and dinners for 2 - 4 people

  • Outlined steps to help you easily meal prep for the week

  • Categorized shopping list to save you time and money in the grocery store

  • 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free recipes

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XOXO Lavi Re'
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What's so great about plant-based?

Eating plant-based is one of the best things you can do for your body, because you give your cells exactly what they need.  If they have too much fat you give them the energy they need to burn it. If you have low iron, a combination of plant-based foods will help you metabolize the iron you need. 

Eating the right combination of plant-based foods makes losing and maintaining a healthy weight virtually effortless.


Well, Beauty, I’ve been practicing food combining for over 8 years and have managed to keep my tummy slim and trim, without having to deprive myself of the foods I love! I created a resource that helps you do it in just 1 week - and slim your tummy too!


Here’s to your weight loss success,

XOXO Lavi Re’