Plant-based Meal Delivery for New Moms

in Houston

Image by Josh Millgate

Foods that Heal, Nourish & Satisfy

We understand how exhausting it can be as a new mother, to bring a newborn baby home. Between all the wonder and joy are feedings, pumping, diaper changes and very little time for rest, baths or cooking.

That's why we've taken the time to prepare meals that will help sustain you during the first few weeks to months at home.  We pride ourselves in the finest post-partum meals that are 

  • Designed to improve healing

  • Free from GMOs and additives

  • Free from dairy, sugar and gluten

  • 100% plant-based & nutrient dense, to help you body rebuild and repair

  • Designed for nursing and non-nursing mothers

Relax & Enjoy Your Quiet Times

You may feel overwhelmed by the temporary change a new baby brings to the home.  Whether you need time to yourself or you just want to ensure that you're getting the best nutrition, we have meal time covered - so you can focus on your new bundle of joy. We offer free delivery in North and Central Houston, as well as pick-up in various locations. Call today or order online.


7 days of breakfast smoothie ingredients + 4 large dishes  & light snacks starting at $150/wk.


7 Mother's Milk Breakfast drinks + 4 large dishes + wholesome snacks starting at $150/wk.

GROWING - 4+ mos

Post Partum

Enjoy complimentary membership & classes in Feminine Weight Loss & get back to yourself faster.

Proud Parents

Meet the Chef

Hi, I'm Lavi Re'. A mom of two, post partum doula, and holistic health coach.  I've been assisting new mothers in the Houston area for over 4 years as a friend, nanny, confidant and nutritionist.

As a health coach, I design meals for women who are seeking to heal their bodies and restore their body image.  I understand the crucial post-partum period, and have designed meal plans specifically to nourish new mothers. From sustaining milk supply to just making it through the day, our plant-based meals are prepared to warm, comfort and restore.



Family-Style Delivery

Your fully-cooked weekly meals are delivered family style, with enough food to enjoy for 7 days (or 2 people, up to 4 days).

All smoothie ingredients are delivered fresh, including added supplements, labeled per day to make it easy to blend and go!

100% Plant-Based ~ Gluten-free ~ Sugar-free ~ Dairy-free ~ GMO-free