Lectures & Seminars


Looking for a way to positively impact your group or staff? Invite Lavi Re' to speak at your event or implement a Corporate Wellness Program.

"Informative," "Eye-opening!", "Powerful", are just a few phrases used to describe the content people receive at my lectures.  I make sure the audience is engaged and their eyes are glued to the screen as they make connections with what they're learning and what they've been doing.


If you're looking for a speaker to educate your group on cancer, diabetes, hypertension or other lifestyle diseases, contact me today.  If you'd like to create a health event that includes a live cooking class or sit-down dinner, use the Contact page to get started.

A Corporate Wellness Coach is a health coach who is brought into a facility or corporate office to help people either improve or maintain their health.

A corporate wellness coach can help reduce the cost of health care as well as absenteeism, and they can positively contribute to performance and productivity. Assisting employees to be more engaged in support of their health can go a long way to improving their health and wellness."

My corporate coaching program consits of an: 

  • Initial Group Introduction & Health Emphasis Lecture

  • Live cooking demonstration and sampling OR catered lunch event (depending on size of staff)

  • Weekly or bi-weekly, one on one coaching sessions

  • Coordinated group challenges

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Lavi Re'

Specializes in nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits for:

  • Building immunity

  • Reversing disease

  • Weight Loss

  • Disease Prevention

NBHWC Certified Health Coach

Current MPH student w/emphasis in Vegetarian Nutrition

Creator of Medical Missionary Kids

Featured twice on KPFT radio

Hosted countless seminars in Houston, Bakersfield, CA and Kansas.