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The DETOX Protocol™ is a complete system to help you lose weight and reverse chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

Starting at $150/week in Houston,TX, get the tools you need to succeed.


All the Tools You Need to Reach Your
Health & Wellness Goals

A solid plan, healthy meals, personal trainer & total support.


View our menu & place your order online. Family-style portions start at $150/week.


Meals are delivered weekly, Sunday - Thursday.

We'll call to confirm.


Enjoy your delicious meals and smoothies. Return containers the following week.


Reach your goals faster with complimentary membership in Feminine Weight Loss Group.

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The DETOX Protocol

  • 1 Plant-based, detoxifying smoothie in the morning

  • 1 Specially formulated mid-day meal 

  • Light snack for dinner*

  • 2 Live group workouts per week + access to all recorded sessions

  • Weekly group coaching call w/Lavi Re'

  • Online accountability support group w/ chat 


Group Coaching

Group coaching with Lavi Re' is an invaluable tool to help you set and reach your health and weight loss goals. Participate weekly on Sundays and have your health questions answered live, plus receive recommendations and feedback. Enjoy a complimentary membership to 

Feminine Weight Loss.

Group coaching: Sunday @ 8:00am CST

Group workouts: Monday & Wednesday 6:00pm

24/7 access to replays.

Plus Size Models

Family-Style Delivery

Your fully-cooked weekly meals are delivered family style, with enough food to enjoy for 7 days (or 2 people, up to 4 days).

Choose your delivery day at least 24 hours in advance.


All smoothie ingredients are delivered fresh, including added supplements, labeled per day to make it easy to blend and go!

100% Plant-Based ~ Gluten-free ~ Oil-free ~ Sugar-free ~ Dairy-free ~ GMO-free

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The DETOX Protocol™ is not a diet - it's a way of life. Detoxify your excretory system (kidneys, liver, etc) and heal your gut through food.  Most health issues - including Hypothyroidism, IBS and similar conditions - stem from an unhealthy gut.  Once you clean out your digestive track and elimination channels, your body can begin to absorb nutrients necessary to heal.

The beauty of a plant-based diet is that not only can it help heal your body, but it can target unwanted fat! We use non-gmo ingredients, combined to maximize nutrition while helping you slim your waistline. All meals are prepared fresh once per week* and throughout Houston, TX. Pickup is available in Spring and Missouri City. *Choose your delivery day.

Local Houston delivery area only. Call: (281)656-1537



I looooooove the vegan meal delivery!  I have a very busy life with my career, I rarely  have time to prepare good food, but I want to eat health vegan meals. The food delivery service fits my life perfectly!



The accountability of a whole community helped with my self discipline. Even with the challenge being over I have changed a lot of my unhealthy habits and I am more conscious of what I eat day to day. 

leti t.jpg


Oh my goodness you all it was more then delicious.. I loved it!! And I could not believe it. My mom didn’t want to try it but... she loved it ! 



If you're looking to lose unwanted weight or just get in shape, working with Lavi Re' is the way to go. Her meals...are so delicious, even the smoothies. So, I definitely recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far in advance should I place my order?

You can order up to 4 weeks in advance.

2. What day will delivery be?

You can select your delivery day; we will try our best to accomodate your time. We will call you to give you a 2-hour (or less) window.

3. What if I'm not home, will you leave my meals?

All meals are 100% perishable and smoothie ingredients need to be placed in the fridge/freezer immediately.  Please select a time when you will be home or near a fridge and we will do our best to accomodate that time - even if it iss outside of our normal delivery schedule.

4. What if there's something on the menu I don't like or I'm allergic to, can I substitue it?

We can omit items you are allergic to, however substitution is rare. Please note your requests upon ordering.

5. Are you menu items low-carb?

Our menu items are not intentionally low-carb although we do avoid wheat products and rice.  Our menu is rich in phytonutrients including fresh fruit, herbs, spices and legumes.

6. Will I lose weight eating your meals?

The meal plan is designed to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. If you eat only what is delivered/recommended to you each week, and drink the recommended amount of water each day, you should lose 3 - 5 pounds weekly - unless you have a health condition preventing healthy weight loss.

7. What does family-style meals mean?

We deliver only 4-5 large dishes each week that you are able to enjoy for 7 days. Each dish has roughtly 7 - 10 servings. We recommend freezing 1/2 of the entrees upon arrival so they well still be fresh by days 5 - 7. Just thaw, heat and serve when you're ready. (Do not freeze green salad; It's best to prep a new salad by the 4th day).

8. Are your meals safe to eat if I'm diabetic or have cancer?

Our meals are generally safe for everyone, however, if you have a health concern please refer our menu to your physician. Our meals are designed to help your body complete it's natural cell processes while lowering elevated blood glucose levels and improving immune function.  Lavi Re' will call you for your free health consultation during your first week of meal delivery.

9. What are the Morning Detox Smoothie ingredients?

The smoothies consist of fresh and frozen fruit like kiwi, strawberries and banana.  They also contain anti-inflammatory roots like ginger, ginseng and natural greens like cilantro, kale and spinach.  Everything is organic (when available) and certified Non-GMO. Each week you will receive ingredients for 7 different smoothies with instructions on what to freeze and how to prep.