A Detox May be What You Need

We've been having some eye-opening in discussions in our 30 Day Boot Camps. If you're not familliar with my Boot Camps, they're 4 weeks of intensive weight loss trainings that include a structured, plant-based meal plan, live group workouts 2x per week, a personal workout guide, private Facebook & Telegram group for support and accountability. Most of my group participants lose between 6 - 9 pounds in the first week, and see consistent weight loss each week. During this last camp, we had 2 participants who weren't seeing as much success on the scale for 2 differnt reasons:

  • Thyroid issues

  • Metabolism issues

Even though both women claimed that they felt great and their clothes fit better, the scale was moving very slowly. That's a key indicator of 2 things - either you are having issues with digestion and/or metabolism. In one woman's case (we'll call her "T"), we were already aware of her thyroid health and she's transitioning to a personalized plan for Hashimotos. In the other woman's case (we'll call her "M"), she was a regular exerciser who wasn't used to eating healthy. In her first week in the Boot Camp, she experienced weight loss, but as she revved up her exercise, and changed her nutrient composition, her body reacted. She hit a plateu very quickly as her body held onto the weight and maximized it's new nutrient intake. Even though "M" felt physically better, she had a 20 pound weight loss goal.

In both cases, the ladies are due for a detox. For M in particular, her body going into "retention mode" indicates that it's trying to hold onto nutrients and energy as much as possible. It signals that she's not getting proper nutrient absorption for her body to use what it needs then it excrete the rest. For "T", her thyroid and body need a complete flush and reset. It's difficult, at best, for your body to operate at it's optimum level when it's holding onto the contents that helped weaken it in the first place.

A detox can help you:

  • Lose excess weight

  • Jumpstart your metabolism

  • Give your body systems, including the excretory system (kidneys, liver, bladder, etc) a reset

Detoxing helps reset your body so it can work at its optimum level. If you feel bloated, fatigued, or have a general lack of energy - or you've been trying all the things to lose weight but just haven't seen success, it may be that you're body is in need of a reset.

Your colon can be storing years of impacted food, that's preventing absorption of key nutrients, or significant weight loss in the midsection. One way to check is to analyze your bowel movements:

  1. Are you having as many BMs per day as you're having meals?

  2. Are your BMs thin (like the shape of a pencil)?

  3. Do they sink or float?

All these are important ways to analyze the condition of your gut health. A regular colon cleanse, intermittent fasting and a juice detox are the perfect combination for an annual reset. If you're looking for something you can do at home, click the link to join my list and get a free copy of my 3 Day Juice Detox that I shared with my Boot Camp members. If you'd like a full reset, be sure to snag your copy of my Goddess Temple Detox designed exclusively for women to use fresh pressed juices to naturally detoxify their bodies. I encourage you to complete the 3 Day Juice detox or Goddess Temple Detox along with an at-home enema.

To your heath!

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