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Join the ranks of beautiful women who have shed limiting beliefs, unhealthy and emotional eating cycles, and traded them in for confidence, knowledge and healthy curves, with my help.

My clients learn to peel back the layers that protect them from the world and hide them from themselves - in order to reveal their ultimate body goals.  We walk step by step through personal health, plant-based nutrition and body positivity with group, one-on-one and virtual coaching and classes.

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Read what my clients say about working with me and their phenomenal results!


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It was easy the way she set everything up for me to learn how to cook new foods, learn how to get all of my nutrients, learn how to pair different foods with certain foods, and just make it easy for me to stay on my meal prep. My favorite part is how I feel - I feel energized, I feel happy, I don't feel hungry, I don't feel like my cravings are kicking in like they normally do..."

- stephanie

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Nandi participated in my 20 Pounds Down group challenge which included live workout sessions and group accountability.
"If you're looking to lose unwanted weight or just get in shape, working with Lavi Re' is the way to go. Her meals...are so delicious, even the smoothies. So, I definitely recommend!"

- nandi

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Crystal is a busy mom and business owner in Texas. She's also a thriving cancer survivor who was ready to change her lifestyle for good.
"I've lost 20 pounds with your help... [The meals are] delicious and my kiddos love it! I truly feel so blessed."

- crystal

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I've gone to a lot of doctors and only one has told me that I should not eat meat, and he was a plant-based doctor in Houston. But because of this program and this group, and especially the results that I was seeing on the 3 day detox that we all did, I set an appointment to find a PCP which I need to do anyway... I'm feeling so much better just from the detox. This group has been more encouraging than ever for me, for where I'm at right now in my life. I'm just really grateful to God and I’m really grateful to Lavi for doing this.

- chelsea

My A1C went from 6.4 to 5.9 yeah!!!!

Cholesterol is normal, within range: Total cholesterol went from 156-103

HDL - 41 to 37 (could be higher)

LDL - 100 to 51

Triglycerides - 95 to 72

- mari

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